Chevrolet Case Study

Chevrolet is an automobile company that was founded in 1911. For the past eleven years, they have partnered with American Cancer Society. You may ask, how and why would a non-profit company team up with a for-profit? One of the biggest challenges for cancer patients is the transportation to and from their hospital visits. They … [Read more…]

Clif Bar Case Study

BACKGROUND: CLIF Bar is an energy bar that is mostly used by athletes. It was created in 1990 when two friends went on a 175 mile bike ride, taking the only existing protein bar at the time with them. After a few bars, they realized that they couldn’t force another disgusting bar down their throats. … [Read more…]

PwC Case Study

PwC Case Study What is PwC? Good question. PwC is an accounting practice that started in London over a century ago. It is now a global company. PwC specializes in audits, taxes, consulting, privacy and human resources. For the last 82 years PwC has processed the Oscar ballots for the Academy Awards. They wanted to … [Read more…]

Interview with a Millionaire

Ever wonder how millionaires do it? I sure have! I had the opportunity to interview entrepreneur, Spencer Hunn last week. Here’s the interview! Interview with Spencer Hunn What is your favorite/most influential book that you have read? How to Win Friends and Influence People How do you stay motivated? I have to start projects that … [Read more…]