Interview with a Millionaire

Ever wonder how millionaires do it? I sure have! I had the opportunity to interview entrepreneur, Spencer Hunn last week. Here’s the interview!

Interview with Spencer Hunn

What is your favorite/most influential book that you have read?
How to Win Friends and Influence People

How do you stay motivated?
I have to start projects that I am forced to finish. Like Slide the City for example, I invested all of this money so I have to do it or I lose all of it. I also think a lot about my future and wanting to be secure.

What is your morning schedule like?
It depends. My mornings are based upon when my first meeting is. I sleep whenever I can. My life is very and not consistent. The only thing consistent is eating healthy. That is my only normal thing about my days.

What is the hardest part?
The stress of making everything come together. The entrepreneur is the one who provides the structure. The entrepreneur is the one that invented the weekend for their employees, there is no such thing as a weekend for an entrepreneur.

Would you do anything different if you were 22 again?
I wouldn’t do a ton different. I am 36. I maybe would have retired from ACN in 2012 and started a new career. I wasn’t really creating greatness those last 3 years because I wasn’t working as hard as my potential. Dropping out of college at 23 was the best thing I did for my career. I became successful and instead of just dreaming about my future and doing nothing about it, I actually went and did it.

How do you balance your life?
I don’t. But, when things get really overwhelming I take a couple of hours and take walks, go to the gym, go to a nice dinner or talk to old friends. Life is work. I’m not happy if I am not working. I will take 3 months, 6 months if I need to to just veg out, but then I have to start something again or I am unhappy. Without responsibility or stewardship you aren’t progressing. It isn’t awesome to be 30 and a millionaire, I promise you will get bored. The richest people in the world are still running their businesses, they would also be bored if they just did nothing. Take the time off that you need to, and then start a new schedule. I love to work and I’m a hard worker. I also make sleep a major priority for me. Throughout my career I have always made it a priority to sleep at least eight hours a night.

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