What Does a Media Intern Do?

I think we have all heard the horror stories of interns being forced to make endless copies and carrying armfuls of coffee. But, is that REALLY what an intern does? Let’s see:

I have been interning with P2 for two months now, and let me tell you, it has been incredible! I didn’t quite know what to expect coming into a well-developed and successful ad agency, but as a media intern, I feel like I am a part of every team. There is no division at Penna Powers (P2), and the office space is warm, inviting and unique. With its open-door office policy, anyone and everyone are free to pop in as they please. Another nice thing about not having doors is the relieving lack of awkwardness because you don’t need to knock on somebody’s door and risk interrupting a meeting or busy moment.

My first day at Penna Powers, I was directed to my very own workspace, fully equipped with a Macbook, team hoodie and P2 water bottle. I immediately felt like a part of the team. And it didn’t stop there… I was taken to lunch too!

During my first week, I forgot my computer password (oops!). I traveled to the Underground (the creative and web development department) to have it recovered, and BOOM I was shot… with a Nerf gun. As the “new girl in town,” being whacked with that little foam dart not only put me at ease, but it encouraged me to be myself. (There are Nerf guns all over Penna Powers, so beware.)


As a Social Media Marketing major, a lot of the projects and tasks I have been given have been outside of my expertise. But this hasn’t stopped the team from pushing me into new elements and teaching me a whole new realm of advertising. With a little direction and a lot of freedom, I am allowed room to grow and think for myself (what other ad agency gives their interns that type of freedom?!).

Being a media intern entails many different tasks and responsibilities. Everyday is different and exciting, and brings with it a new learning opportunity. Some days I dive deep into analytics, looking into our current and past campaigns to see how we can optimize them. I have access to all the media specific software, which I am able to learn and utilize to further understand the campaigns. The software helps me to analyze what is working and what isn’t, and then I give my insights and recommendations. Other days, I research and gather information for future or current campaigns. I attend staff meetings to hear and understand the vision of the company, I run different types of media ads, I get to be a part of and participate in brainstorming meetings, as well as other client meetings, I learn and watch how to do media buys and buy TV spots and I also get to join the SEO meetings and learn how to make websites more profitable. And on top of all of this, as you can see, they have now entrusted me in writing a blog post. Everyday is an adventure!

I never feel as if I am being pacified or just given busywork. I never twiddle my thumbs hoping for something to do or feel like I am being a bother. With warm and welcoming coworkers in a stimulating environment, everyone seems to be continually improving and striving to be their best selves. I get to be around these people daily and learn from the best in the industry. That, my friends, is why I have the best internship ever!

And no, I have never made copies nor coffee.

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