Lowe’s Fix in Six Campaign Case Study

Lowe’s Fix in Six Campaign

Lowe’s is the second largest home improvement store in the nation. They have 1,840 stores compared to Home Depot’s 2,200. Their motto is “Never Stop Improving.” In 2013 the social media platform, Vine started becoming popular. Lowe’s, mostly out of curiosity decided to launch a campaign on Vine.
On Lowe’s website they had long tutorial videos on how to do DIY’s. Nobody was finding them though. That is, unless they went out of their way and went to the site directly. The videos were long and the normal type of tutorials that we are used to seeing, just boring tutorials.
Lowes hired BBDO, a well known and long-time agency. BBDO does a lot of videos and has put a lot of companies on the map with their advertising. Lowes made a good call by choosing them.
They decided to test themselves and see if they could narrow the DIY’s down to 6 second videos. They were going to use the new social media app and see if they could test their luck. Their plan was to make 12 vines over a 3-month period and see how things went. They would release one a week. They were shocked by the reaction of the public to their new social media campaign.
They launched the campaign April 19,2013. The Vine’s immediately took off. They had such great success that they ended up surpassing their goal of 12 Vines to making 55 Vines. Their Vines had over 15 million impressions and thousands of social mentions. The cost, only $5,000.

They also won 10 awards:
• Cannes Lions – Bronze Cyber Lion
• One Show – 2 Gold Pencils, Silver Pencil
• ADC – Gold Cube, Silver Cube
• D&AD – 2 In Book Awards: Online Branded Film, Use Of Social Media
• ANDY’S – Gold ANDY 
• ADDY’S (Local) – Best Of Show: Digital, 8 Gold ADDY’S
• 4A’s O’Toole Award – Best Out-Of-The-Box-Thinking
• AdAge Digital Conference – Best Micro Video
• Mashies – Best In Show, Best Use Of Vine
• London International – Silver Social Media, Bronze Branded Content

How was it done? They were all shot inside of Lowe’s, on an iPhone. They did everything tap by tap. There was no editing involved and everything was taken in one shot. If there was a mess up, they started over. They filmed once a week and released it onto Vine and Twitter. As far as increasing sales for Lowes, we don’t know, they didn’t release any information. What we do know is that stock prices went up by 65% and have remained up ever since.
I feel like this campaign was very successful. They were not only able to crack the egg of how businesses can use Vine, but also how to be successful at it. Their target audience was potentially everybody. Every American has some type of home (besides the homeless people living in the streets of SLC.) They could all use an improvement in one way, shape or form. They narrowed their audience a little bit by the choice of platforms they chose, which were more new and Millenial aged.
Pinterest has definitely helped bring a lot of creativity and DIY’s back, but we are still a busy people. We eat at fast food restaurants, skip the ads, and fast forward the commercials. We millennial’s didn’t grow up with a hammer in hand, we grew up with our iPod’s in one hand and our cell phones in the other.
Lowes created short, fast, easy, sleek videos. By creating six second videos, it was easy to help home owners to not feel intimidated. It seems fast, possible. They could easily think, “if they can do it in six seconds, somebody like me, with no experience can definitely do it.”
Nobody felt sold on a certain product, they were sold on the idea of improvement. There weren’t images of a new cool hammer that was on the market. They sold the idea of being able to do something to their homes and share it on their own social media sites, like Lowes did. They wanted to make things look better, and had the confidence that they could do it themselves. They could literally see the before and after in 6 seconds.
Lowes may be the second largest home improvement department, but I have never heard anything about Home Depot. Scrolling through Home Depot’s Instagram, I didn’t see a single video. There were all still images. I can’t imagine myself creating something that good, if I don’t know how it started. I have to see the process. Lowes is making connections in your head that help you know you can do it. They are also building relationship that in the long run will benefit them.
Lowes has now also included posting their Vines to their Instagram. They also have a very popular and successful Facebook page. They have a different strategy for their Facebook. They have a combination of articles, videos and photos.
They are doing a good job at targeting Millenials, who are the generation who are now in the home buying department. We are a social media generation. We are a video generation. We are a fast generation. Good job, Lowes. I am impressed.
As far as improvements in this campaign, I honestly can’t think of many. I think that something that would have been nice is if they would have put a longer link to all of their Vine videos, showing a longer tutorial. The 6 second videos were popular, but how many people really tried it? Maybe they went to go get the stuff, and realized that they had no idea what they needed. If they then tried to build it, and realized it didn’t actually take six seconds, it took a week, they could become frustrated. Combining both efforts would have made it both possible and less frustrating. The person watching the video would have literally been given a shopping list and they could have gone and picked up the items that day.

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