PwC Case Study

PwC Case Study

What is PwC? Good question. PwC is an accounting practice that started in London over a century ago. It is now a global company. PwC specializes in audits, taxes, consulting, privacy and human resources.
For the last 82 years PwC has processed the Oscar ballots for the Academy Awards. They wanted to start a campaign about their involvement in the awards and decided on a Snapchat campaign. They posted the following to their website:

A celebrity is making its way to the Oscars®– the PwC Ballot Briefcase!

The Ballot Briefcase is responsible for carrying the winning ballots to the Academy Awards®. It’s making stops in New York, DC, Atlanta, Chicago, San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles as it travels across the country on the road to the Oscars®.

Follow the journey on Snapchat by following the handle BallotBriefcase and on Twitter and Instagram using #BallotBriefcase.

Their goals during this campaign was:

1. Increase external visibility around PwC’s efforts and activities related to the Oscars
2. Reposition the brand of the firm to appeal to a younger talent demographic
3. Activate PwC’s employee population to create buzz and generate excitement

They chose Snapchat because they wanted to target Millennials. More than eighty percent of their staff are millennials. Also, on PwC’s website they have information regarding an event that they have every year in hopes of attracting millennials to come check out their company.
They also made the briefcase the center of their campaign and animated it. They said that the briefcase was a sassy Hollywood diva.

They launched the campaign by putting teasers on PwC’s social media accounts, as well as on their website.


• They increased their presence on Twitter by 136x
• First 3 weeks of Twitter they received 12.3 million impressions.
• 126k impressions on Instagram

Below are some of their Snapchat images. You will notice that they match their audience PERFECTLY. This is the perfect Millennial feel.

I think that PwC did an excellent job on this campaign. Advertising for an accounting practice sounds pretty boring, especially if you are trying to target millennials. Their first win was choosing Snapchat. I think Snapchat fit perfectly. A lot of millennials watched the Oscar updates by watching their Snapchat story. The content that they put on their Snapchat was also on point. They did a great job at making everything feel millennial and sticking to one type of voice throughout their campaign.

As far as improvements go, I think there are a couple of things that they could have done differently. I think that if they could have made this a sponsored story on Snapchat it would have had a lot more success. You couldn’t see this story unless you added them by their username, BallotBriefcase. Also, if you don’t follow PwC on their social channels it would have been impossible to find out what they were doing. If they would have paid for a sponsored story their impact would have been endless! They could have targeted worldwide millennials and everybody would have heard about them. They also could have piggy bagged more off of the Oscars. That is a HUGE trend. I think they could have done better at a collaboration with the Oscars or celebrities to get more people watching their stories. They had a consistency of 700 people watching their stories, which is awesome. Especially because you had to know their name to find them. But, I also wonder how many of those 700 people were employees. Especially because they do have thousands of employees. They had a great amount of impressions on Instagram and Twitter but apparently those people didn’t get the memo somehow, or decided not to follow their story on Instagram. But, overall I think this was a huge success on Snapchat, especially coming from an accounting practice.

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