Clif Bar Case Study

CLIF Bar is an energy bar that is mostly used by athletes. It was created in 1990 when two friends went on a 175 mile bike ride, taking the only existing protein bar at the time with them. After a few bars, they realized that they couldn’t force another disgusting bar down their throats. They went home and started baking, and that is when CLIF Bar was created.

CLIF Bar engages with outdoor enthusiast and started the #MeetTheMoment campaign to create more conversation in June 2014 as part of their marketing strategy. They created a video with various athlete’s doing different types of activity. In the video it discuses how a picture is just one moment, a spot frozen in time. Then they give out the call to action and ask others to share how they “meet the moment.”
The campaign lasted for seven months. For every picture posted with the hashtag, one dollar would be donated to the non-profit of the month, up to $100,000. Pictures were posted throughout Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. They also created 20 different wrappers on their bars to “inspire and stoke your imagination.”

They were hoping that by doing so, it would help increase creativity for people.
The seven non-profits for each month were:
• International Mountain Biking Association (June)
• American White Water (July)
• Leave No Trace (August)
• Surf Rider Foundation (September)
• Access Fund (October)
• Winter Wild Lands Alliance (November)
• Protect Our Winters (December)

They also incorporated athletes that shared the hashtag and went out and did things. The outdoor athletes were excited about the idea of helping to keep the environment clean.

I believe that the campaign was successful. They were able to engage their target audience. They were also able to help promote being outdoors and keeping the environment clean. Sixty-thousand dollars was also donated to the various charities stated above. It incorporated a variety of people and everybody’s interpretation of #MeetTheMoment was different. The success helped them reach 20% of growth over the last ten years.

They were able to donate a significant amount of money, but they didn’t reach their goal of $100,000. I feel that the campaign wasn’t launched maybe as successfully as it could have been. Those that aren’t CLIF enthusiast would have had no way to hear about the campaign. They also didn’t explain very clearly what “Meet the Moment” meant. I have seen that slogan on lots of CLIF Bars and never understood the meaning. A lot of the task ideas that they gave out to people would be hard for the average Joe to do. Children, elderly and those disabled couldn’t participate in the campaign. I am not an outdoor enthusiast, but I still eat CLIF Bars. They definitely hit it on the head with their outdoor audience, but I think there is more to them. I think they should have also maybe given a spill every month about what non-profit they were helping out. The execution of that isn’t very clear. They could have made a new video every month featuring the cause, and possibly even featuring some of the photos shared by their customers.

I think that overall it was a successful campaign for them and helped them achieve their goal of donating money, engaging their customers and increasing their sales.

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